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Child Support Lawyer, Orange County

“The kids are everything to me. This sentiment expresses why you need to take great care throughout the process.”

We can’t stress this enough when we say, “Do not approach custody and support issues alone.” When child custody and support are at stake, you really need professional legal counsel from an experienced child support lawyer, child custody lawyer, to ensure that your rights and the rights of your children are protected.

You should also know it is almost impossible to talk about child custody without mentioning child support–the two go hand-in-hand. This is also true in court. There are many complex factors that determine custody and support; including the amount of time your child spends with you to how the judge views the sincerity of support requests.

Due to the complex nature and high stakes involved, please contact us for a free consultation. Please read our blog articles as well if you’re interested in additional details regarding child support issues.

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