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My name is Douglas Sean Pinkham, I am the senior attorney at Pinkham & Associates, APLC, and have been practicing for 25 years. I have been litigating for all of those 25 years, and my professionalism has garnered my firm and I the respect from the Judges and other bench officers throughout Southern California, as well within the professional Family Law community. Every associate that works for Pinkham & Associates, APLC has the advantage of brainstorming and strategizing as a team. From the day I was sworn in as an attorney, my focus and passion has revolved around the practice of Divorce & Family Law.

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My own divorce taught me a great deal about how to best advise my divorce clients.
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I have been there, I have been divorced myself. I know what you are going through. I vividly remember the pain and anguish. However, although it was very difficult and painful at the time, my ex-wife and I are friends today. That is because we found a way to navigate through our divorce without making it much harder than it had to be, and in a way that did not intentionally cause more pain than we were necessarily going to feel simply by going through the divorce. Today, we wish nothing but the best for each other. My own divorce taught me a great deal about how to best advise my divorce clients.

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All of my associates and I have studied all aspects of Divorce and Family Law and have been practicing in Orange County for 25 years. After all that experience, I now truly understand both the legal and the emotional side of divorce. For better or for worse, I have personally experienced the complex dynamics of the entire divorce process and made it out the other side. I’m here to help you do the same.

I understand there are always difficult issues that the parties just don’t see eye-to-eye on, and those issues can carry with them a great deal of emotional baggage, but it is my sincere opinion that the divorce process does not need to be contentious and bitterly divisive. Sometimes, having a cool head to help you weigh the more important choices you will need to make throughout the process will help you to avoid some of the contention and, ultimately, to avoid a great deal of the cost, time, anger, and sadness associated with the litigated divorce process.

I studied Family Law at Western State University, College of Law, in Fullerton, California and graduated with honors in 1998. At Western State, I learned from some of the top educators that included local and highly respected Orange County Judges. After graduation from Law School, I passed the California State Bar and began practicing Divorce & Family Law immediately. In fact, the first four cases that came into my office were all family law cases, and I have never looked back. Divorce and Family Law have been my dedicated practice areas since my first day as a practicing attorney.

I sincerely love my work because I know I am helping to pull my clients through some of the deepest, darkest times of their lives; and help them navigate the divorce process. I bring closure to their divorce through a more comfortable and amicable relationship with their former spouse.




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portrait of Doug Pinkham

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