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Do You Need a Second Legal Opinion For Your Ongoing Divorce or Family Law Case?

A divorce or family law proceeding often involves very high emotional and financial stakes.

In such a situation, if you are having concerns or second thoughts about the strategy your divorce attorney is pursuing or their level of personalized involvement in your case, it is fair and reasonable to seek a second legal opinion.

Sometimes you may simply want to get a second opinion to know your alternative options from another reputable California divorce lawyer and make a decision from a more informed standpoint.

Advantages of Getting a Second Opinion on Your Divorce Case

When you decide to seek a second legal opinion, chances are that you will get a deeper understanding of the intricate legalities of your case. Even if the new lawyer does not suggest a drastic change in legal strategy, you will anyway gain more confidence that things are moving in the best possible direction.On the other hand, a second opinion may result in you deciding to go ahead with a substantially revised strategy.In addition, the attorney who offers you a second legal opinion on your divorce proceeding may explain whether it is worth investing in the hiring of an expert witness, or making other such vital choices that could be critical to the final outcome of your case.

Is it Fair to Seek a Second Legal Opinion?

If you had a serious medical condition, you would seek a second opinion, right? Just as you would seek a second medical opinion for a complex health issue, you should also be prepared to seek a second legal opinion regarding your ongoing divorce.As a prudent professional, your current divorce attorney is not likely to be offended by your decision to seek a second opinion. But if they try to discourage you from doing so, that should in fact be a red flag that you indeed need a second opinion.

By the same token, your second-opinion attorney should also be a fair professional who does not hesitate in saying that your current lawyer is going in the right direction, if they believe so. In all, there is absolutely no harm in seeking a second opinion on your divorce, so long as you choose a competent and reliable second-opinion divorce lawyer in California.

How to Obtain a Second Legal Opinion?

At Pinkham & Associates, we provide a free initial consultation even when you are seeking a second opinion on your divorce or family law matter. All you need to do is to call or email us to schedule an initial consultation.

During or after the initial meeting, if you feel comfortable and want to have a detailed and exhaustive professional opinion regarding all issues with one of our experienced California divorce attorneys, we are ready, willing and prepared to provide you with all the legal advice you seek.

Our dedicated divorce lawyers will review your case file objectively, transparently, and with complete confidentiality. We are committed to providing you with the most effective second opinion on your divorce case in the most professional and ethical manner.

For an astute second legal opinion on your divorce or family law matter in California, call Pinkham & Associates today at 714-730-0111 to schedule an appointment.

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