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Executive & High Assets Divorce in Orange County

In Orange County, the Firm of Pinkham & Associates is often called on to represent parties in High Asset Divorce matters. High asset divorce matters frequently present unusual or challenging issues. You have a right to be concerned that your high asset divorce matter may take more time, be more complex and you should be concerned that you could lose vast portions or wealth you have worked so hard to build. Whether your assets are in the form of a business, Real Estate, an extensive investment portfolio, high end retirement vehicles, or a combination of all of the above, Pinkham & Associates has the experience in these matters to help you protect your hard earned wealth and still streamline the divorce process to make certain our clients are well informed and assist in the decision making throughout the process. It is very common for high asset divorce litigants to desire to be more involved in their divorce process.

We at Pinkham & Associates pride ourselves on working hand in hand with our clients that choose to be more involved in their cases and put a more protective shield around those clients that only want to get involved when they must.

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