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Filing for Divorce in Orange County

There are many different types of documents that you may need to file with the court in order to start or continue with your Family Law or Divorce case. The forms provided by the court are legal documents and most of those documents when filed are submitted under the penalty of perjury. even though they are forms, many people do not realize that if these documents are not filled out correctly, you can end up severely hurting your case and your credibility down the road.

Many people go to the courthouse to get the documents and forms or download them from the internet and think, “They are just forms, I can fill them out, file them, and go tell the Judge what I want.” If it were that simple, all the world’s lawyers would be out of a job. Every word you write and every box you check (or do not check) can profoundly affect the legal outcome of your case. Failing to properly fill out a Petition for Dissolution could leave you with no spousal support or the loss of assets. Failing to properly fill out an Income and Expense Declaration could leave you with little to no child support or spousal support. Failing to put a proper declaration together in a custody case can cause you to lose custody of your child.

It is always a good idea to have a lawyer review your documents or help you prepare your documents before they are filed. There are many people who claim to have the knowledge required to prepare your documents but freelance “paralegals” and “legal document preparers” are not attorneys and are not governed by a state licensing board like attorneys, and very often have only enough knowledge to get you in trouble. If you need help or want attorney to review your documents, call us, we care about our clients and we are here to help.
Our office can help you complete and file legal documents so that your paperwork is ushered to the appropriate agency.
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