Pinkham & Associates is a dedicated Family Law firm. My name is Douglas Pinkham and l am the managing partner at Pinkham & Associates. We have been in practice for nearly 16 years.

Family law includes divorce, divorce mediation, child support, child custody & visitations, spousal support issues, domestic violence and several other more subtle areas. We have been litigating for all of our years in practice and we feel very comfortable and confident in the court room. However, although there are occasions that litigation is necessary, anytime time we are able to avoid court or arguing before a judge, we save our clients’ time and money and we end up with agreed-upon court orders that the parties are much more comfortable with, and much more likely to properly follow.

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"Sometimes litigation is the only solution."

Obviously, litigation is more costly and time consuming than an agreement outside of court, but often we do not have a choice. Sometimes, litigation is the only solution to finishing your divorce. However, it is important to pay special attention to whether the other party, or the other attorney or worse yet, your own divorce attorney, may be "over-litigating" your divorce in general or on any particular issue. Is the other side litigating reasonably, or are they just out for the fight? Are they making unreasonable demand? Does your spouse have unrealistic expectations?

The majority of family law and divorce attorneys understand their client’s time and budget considerations, but there are divorce litigation attorneys who thrive on fighting, just for the sake of fighting. They thrive on earning additional attorney fees with a greater concern on themselves than their client.

Furthermore, although sometimes being tough and rigid are necessary, often times, these over-litigation or “Scorched Earth” tactics simply drive up the cost of the divorce without great benefit.

There are however, tactics used in some higher value divorce cases, to intentionally over-litigate for the sole purpose of making it financially impossible for the other party and their counsel to “keep up” thereby forcing settlement that benefits the over-litigating party. This not uncommon, but if this is happening to you, there are methods to combat these techniques.

A respectable and responsible family law and divorce lawyer will always fight for the legal rights of their client while always being cognizant of their client’s needs and priorities. If there are more direct methods for achieving a client’s goal, a responsible divorce attorney will discuss those methods with their client, including a discussion of all the benefits and risks of their chosen tactic and a serious, real-world cost-benefit analysis.

When your opponent is litigating unreasonably, forcing them to present their case to a judge may be the only way to win on a particular issue. These types of discussions should take place throughout your entire divorce case to make sure both the client lawyer are on the same page and moving forward in a cohesive manner.

The family law (or Divorce) litigant should know there are only two ways to get through the divorce process: 1. Either, the parties agree on an issue and settle on that issue outside of court or, 1. They take that issue into court and present their evidence before the court, asking the judge to make the decision for you.

If you and your spouse are unable to resolve one (or more) issues by means of settlement negotiations, assistance by a mediator, arbitrator or any other third party, the only other choice is to go into court.


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