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FL 182 – Judgment Checklist— Dissolution/Legal Separation

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The way you end your divorce in the state of California is to prepare and file a Judgment. Your judgment is made up of many forms depending upon the different issues you have in your Divorce. We have a separate video on how to do your own Divorce filing and part of it specifies how to prepare and fill out a judgment packet. That judgment packet video is done in great detail line by line and goes through “basically” every form you could need for your judgment although you may not need all of the forms. For example if you don’t have children you’re not going to need the forms we talked about for Custody, Visitation, and Child Support; if you are not making an order in your judgment for Attorney’s Fees you are not going to need the form that deals with Attorney’s Fees.

This particular video is dedicated to FL 182 form. It is a very handy and simple form. You must fill it out, it is a judgment checklist for your Divorce or Legal Separation. Print it when you are about to do your judgment. It won’t give you instructions on how to fill it out but it will make sure that you are including all the forms that you need for your divorce.It is two pages long, but it goes through the issues in a Divorce and tells you the forms that you need for each particular issue. There could be several forms that you may need depending upon what issues that you have or don’t have in your Divorce case.

Look through it as you put your judgment together and see our other video on preparing your judgement. It was done in great detail and it goes line by line through the judgment form itself and most of the forms that you could possibly need for your divorce judgment.

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