Flat Fee Divorce

Flat Fee Divorce Services

We always discuss the benefits and risks of any chosen tact and do a cost-benefit analysis of each possible path. If there is a quicker and more direct method to achieving our client’s goals, we always discuss those possibilities at the moment they arise.

Court filing fees not included in any service rendered.


Dissolution Flat Fee (Full agreement/No Children/No Assets) – $2,500
Dissolution Flat Fee (Children and assets) – $3,500;
Summary Dissolution – $1,200;
Paternity Packet Flat Fee – $1,500;


Initial Filings for Dissolution/Paternity – $500.00
Preliminary Declarations of Disclosures – $600.00
Request for Order (Paperwork Only) – $1,500.00
Judgment Packet (If all information is provided) – $1,200.00
Prove Up Judgment includes free Request for Default $1,200.00


Assistance to complete Income and Expense Declaration – $350
Assistance with completion of other forms – $350 (Generally, but check on specific forms)