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Flat Fee Divorce

Flat Fee Divorce Services

We always discuss the benefits and risks of any chosen tact and do a cost-benefit analysis of each possible path. If there is a quicker and more direct method to achieving our client’s goals, we always discuss those possibilities at the moment they arise.

It is not always the case, but sometimes a flat-fee approach is the best and most cost effective way to go from “today” to “divorced”. If so, we at Pinkham & Associates can accommodate that approach. In most circumstances, if we are willing to take on a “flat-fee family law matter, the prices below apply. Feel free to call us if you think you have a case that a flat-fee arrangement might apply.

Court filing fees not included in any service rendered.


Uncontested Divorce  Without Children and Without Assets – $2,500
Uncontested Divorce With Children and With  Assets – $4,000;
Summary Dissolution – $1,500;
Paternity Packet Flat Fee – $1,500;


Initial Filings for Dissolution/Paternity – $500.00
Preliminary Declarations of Disclosures – $600.00
Request for Order (Paperwork Only) – $1,500.00
Judgment Packet (If all information is provided) – $1,200.00
Prove Up Judgment includes free Request for Default $1,200.00


Assistance to complete Income and Expense Declaration – $350
Assistance with completion of other forms – $350 (Generally, but check on specific forms)