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How Fast Can I Get Child Support In California



Generally speaking, it takes around 2 months to get court orders for child support. The process works

like this;

1) You must fill out all the paperwork and file it with the court, including a declaration and an income

and expense declaration, then

2) When you get the papers back from the clerk (after filing), then you must serve those papers,

including a blank Responsive Declaration, on the other side, then

3) You must wait for the hearing date which usually takes about 6 weeks, then

4) You go into court and argue your side of the case. After which, the judge makes orders.

If you are unmarried and just seeking child support orders from the other parent of your child, then

those support orders are semi-permanent, which means they remain in place until they are changed by

subsequent orders.


If you are going through divorce, then the court orders are temporary orders. Those court orders are

temporarily and remain in place until trial, or until you submit a judgment at the end of your divorce

process. The amount of child support you will receive, or pay if you are the payor of child support, will

depend on many factors. You can read more about it these factors on here.


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